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Thank you for allowing yourself arrive on this page, seeking help with issues that are bothering us is exactly what counselling is all about. Please feel free to explore this site and get a sense of what counselling might mean for you!

Stress & Burnout

Stress is a feeling of mounting strain and pressure and is a type of psychological pain.

Burnout is thought to result from long-term, unresolvable, job stress

Signs of Depression

Feeling low, withdrawn, sad, no energy or interest to do the things that you normally would, thoughts of the future are negative, wondering why you should get out of bed at all, Depression is a gripping mood that has an intense affect on a persons thinking, making it difficult to concentrate .

Signs of Anxiety

Feeling worried about an ongoing situation or a future situation. Holding tensions in your muscles, feeling restlessness and finding it difficult to concentrate. Depending on its frequency, anixiety has can be informative from a here and now perspective, but also seen as a disorder if it is regularly experienced

Emotional Regulation

Finding it difficult to manage emotions as they arise in an appropriate manner. Noticing a loss in self control and an increase in outbursts of anger.

What a counselling journey might be like

Accessing the immense wisdom and resources you hold within is a big part of the work, along with exploring and examining fears, obstacles and challenges, which are all part of life's journey. You are not alone, and believe me when I say, I truly believe you hold the key to your own healing and happiness. Together we will discover the pathway that leads you there!

Hello and welcome to awareness therapy, compassion focused therapy informed through mindfulness. Are you experiencing loneliness, stress, burnout or high self-criticism. Then developing yourself in compassion offers new ways to understand and relate to yourself, others and challenging situations. Our brains are developed to identify danger and threats and this function is extremely active in today’s world. It’s power to override our emotions is one of its most effective features, even positive ones. It is because of this function that you are actually here today, it's primary function is self protection and self preservation. As you can imagine with such a powerful system, the potential for internal emotional and cognitive conflict is high. Which is why so many of us run into difficulties with stress, phobias, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, anger and don’t know what to do or where to turn.

Are you currently experiencing issues in your life that seem too heavy to manage, maybe feeling extremely stressed or you feel you are heading towards emotional burnout, seeking help with this early is a very wise decision. Make contact today or arrange a callback using the link below.

My counselling approach is very person-centred, focused on developing a compassionate perspective and practice, informed by mindfulness that ultimately focuses on acceptance, positive self supportive attitudes and self care. Based on contemporary cognitive behaviour therapy.

Everyone should have access to therapy regardless of financial situation. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we can negotiate, so don’t worry, you won't be turned away.

Plan A:

Face to face

8 Sessions of Compassion-based CBT therapy

  • First introductory session free
  • 8 sessions: Location Hoofddorp
  • Session cost €50

Plan B:


10 Sessions of Compassion-based therapy CBT

  • First introductory session free
  • 8 sessons: online via Skype or Facetime
  • Session cost €30

Plan C:

Phone or App

12 Sessions of Compassion-based therapy CBT [available in certain circumstances]

  • First introductory session free
  • 8 sessions: via whats app text
  • Session cost €30

What is Awareness Therapy?

Awareness Therapy is a humanistic and integrative therapy, an exploration of one or a number of issues a person brings to a session, using your greatest resource in the here and now, to gain insights and direction. Your greatest resource, what might that be? Well, simply put, it's you. You hold the keys to resolving your own problems, somewhere inside us rests the answers to our problems. With a bit of help in the here and now, focusing on body, emotion, feelings and the activity of our mind and thoughts. We can begin to see a direction, what really helps, what's really useful. A way forward!

Awareness and Egalitarianism

Therapists/Counsellors are not perfect, we also have fears, concerns and faults and don’t have all the answers to questions. In a session, you are the expert on you and together we can explore where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there