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Experience the Here and Now. Connect with your senses by dr0pping down from your thoughts,  into your unfiltered and sensing body. Relax and empty your mind to access and experience the universe as it evolves and grows in this moment. 

Can you feel your feet on the ground or notice any sensations, any movements within your legs, torso, arms, shoulders, neck and head? Are there any sounds or vibrations resonating around you, within you? Temprature? Colours? Smell?

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training. The term "mindfulness" is a translation of the Pali term sati, which is a significant element of some Buddhist traditions. The recent popularity of mindfulness in the West is generally considered to have been initiated by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Large population-based research studies have indicated that the practice of mindfulness is strongly correlated with greater well-being and perceived health. This is applicable to society at large as well as specific settings such as workplaces and schools. Studies have also shown that rumination and worry contribute to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and that mindfulness-based interventions are effective in the reduction of both rumination and worry.

Clinical psychology and psychiatry since the 1970s have developed a number of therapeutic applications based on mindfulness for helping people who are experiencing a variety of psychological conditions. Mindfulness practice is being employed in psychology to alleviate a variety of mental and physical conditions, such as bringing about reductions in depression symptoms, reducing stress, anxiety, and in the treatment of drug addiction. Recent studies demonstrate that mindfulness meditation significantly attenuates pain through multiple, unique mechanisms. It has gained worldwide popularity as a distinctive method to handle emotions.

Clinical studies have documented both physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness in different patient categories as well as in healthy adults and children. Programs based on MBSR and similar models have been widely adopted in schools, prisons, hospitals, veterans' centers, and other environments.

About Ken

I starten my journey as a therapist in 2006 when I began training with the Irish School of Awareness Therapy in Cork, Ireland. A very brillant man by the name of Brandan Connelly and equally brillant women whose name is Marie (Herlihy) Connelly offered me a place in their school of psychotherapy. I have no words to express my gratitude to them for giving me an opportunity to explore and understand my experience and the language of my emotion and feeling at such a deep level. An awareness of the passing moment, the "what are you aware of just now" question that would revolutionise and excelarate my learning of myself, others and reality. This moment to moment question which holds us steadily in "the now". 

Moment by moment and step by step. Experience the journey.

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